Cuaderno ilustrado de viaje: Acre y Tel Aviv (y parte 6)

Última parte del cuaderno ilustrado de viaje que dibujé en Palestina ¡Espero que os haya gustado!

Last part of the illustrated travel book I drew in Palestine. I hope you liked it!

Palestine Sketchbook #25 - Bus to Acre
Swamped by so much information, Luca recommended we go to Acre to relax. We share bus with armed teenagers that are going to the north to serve in the army.

Palestine Sketchbook #26 - Acre
We enjoy two quiet days, the closest thing to a vacation.
Sergi in an ‘esoteric mode’ visiting the underground city of the Templars.

Palestine Sketchbook #27 - Tel AvivTel Aviv is a wonderful, open and cosmopolitan seaside town, but everything seems unreal if you know what is going on inside the country.

Palestine Sketchbook # Tel Aviv airport
Again in the airport. We are leaving! But again, we must try the hospitality of the Israeli police.

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