The Wealth of Networks


“The networked information economy also allows for the emergence of a more critical and self-reflective culture. In the past decade, a number of legal scholars have begun to examine how the Internet democratizes culture.Following this work and rooted in the deliberative strand of democratic theory, I suggest that the networked information environment offers us a more attractive cultural production system in two distinct ways:

(1) it makes culture more transparent,
and (2) it makes culture more malleable.

Together, these mean that we are seeing the emergence of a new folk culture—a practice that has been largely suppressed in the industrial era of cultural production— where many more of us participate actively in making cultural moves and finding meaning in the world around us. These practices make their practitioners better “readers” of their own culture and more self-reflective and critical of the culture they occupy, thereby enabling them to become more selfreflective participants in conversations within that culture.”

Yochai Benkler: ‘The Wealth Of Networks’
Imagen: ‘Wat is Dada? – reaction piece’, de Aram Bartholl